Why Your Career Is Like Driving At Night

When you are driving at night, you can only see as far as your headlights can illuminate: roughly 100 feet. In your career, you can only really control the next day, or at best few days. Yet many people go about their career planning as if they know what they will be doing at 40 or 50 years old. Heck, you probably have some general idea where you are going. But to think that you know every turn you need to make, every slight adjustment is just folly. And it is faulty thinking that is best given up right now.

There will be roadworks. There will be traffic lights, speed limits, other crazy drivers. There may be better modes of transport that will get you where you want.

As long as you are clear about what you want from your career, then you are driving at night. The only thing that you can see is the 100 feet in front of you. And that is where your attention needs to be. That is what you need to consider- constantly. What do I do next?

So what is the one thing that you need to do today to build your fulfilling career?

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