Seven People Who Turned Small Ideas Into Big Results In The Last Two Years

People who get a great deal of satisfaction from their career have an important thing in common; they possess the ability to think big.

They nurture an idea and are prepared to do what is necessary to transform the idea into a reality.

Few people are prepared to do this. We live in a culture filled with passive consumers, unknowningly trapped in a small and restrictive world. Some count on and benefit from people trapped in the comfort zone of small thinking. Small or narrow thinking protects and perpetuates the status quo.

Is it easy to think big? No, but, if you are serious about building a career with a high degree of satisfaction, this is a key component.

Take your original idea, put it in a time frame with goals and parameters. Then, step back and ask yourself, where can I save time, thus increasing my end result.

Remember this step throughout your career. You set the pace, you establish what you want. If you do, chances are, you will achieve them. (Thanks to Ridgley Ann Johnson for the editing!)

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