How to Rescue the Planet And Save Yourself at the Same Time

I’m not going to get into an argument about the rights and wrongs of climate change. Climate change, or global warming is upon us. Rivers are polluted. A lot of the air in our cities is toxic. The environment is in a mess.

I think Al Gore’s analysis is a good indicator of the direction that things are heading. Yes some of the science is very floored, and of course he paints a one sided picture. That is the point! If you want to make change happen you have got to be that agent of change.

You get the choice of how you are going to live. You can spend your days complaining about how governments and big businesses are to blame. You can invent coming up with conspiracies. The majority of the population live this way, and they are entitled to. Its now how I live, and it is not very empowering. I’d estimate it to be about 95% of the population.

Or you can become one the courageous 5% who do the work. You become a person of influence, someone who can make change happen. You can become the person who is able to make an impact. Remember it is your choice.

On Monday, I interviewed Michael Parrish DuDell of Live A Damn Radio. He is doing some extraordinary work in New York City Right Now. His story is an inspiration if you want to become the change.

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