Your Personal Brand

Don’t Become A Commodity

Commodities like milk, juice and sugar can only compete on price. It is a race to the bottom of the barrel. There are a lot of people in the workforce who position themselves this way. They think that if they try to fit in more with what others are doing thing will work out for them. Consequently never get recognized for what they do and never position themselves in a way which is advantageous.

Why should you get hired? What separates you from the group? What makes you unique?

This could be:

1 Your skills and abilities.
2 Your enthusiasm.
3 Your willingness to go the extra mile.

Journalist Amy Parmenter of the. In a recent interview I did with Amy, she tells a story of how she got hired by some of the largest media companies. She was willing to wake up at 2:30 am for 18 months for an unpaid internship.

Listen to the entire interview here

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