Why Creativity?

Daniel Pink’s excellent “Drive” says that 70% of all new jobs in the USA are going to be “Heuristic”. What is a Heuristic job? I’m glad you asked!

It’s About not knowing the results of something before you set out. To think that graduates today will know what sort of careers will be around in 2030 is preposterous. The best you can be is prepared for those careers.

Here is a link to how wikipedia defines heuristics.

Alexander Graham Bell did not set out to invent the telephone. He was fascinated with building a machine to help deaf people hear better (his mother was deaf). Instead he ended up changing the nature of communication.

We do not lead linear lives. There are a number of curves and distractions that will come up. You get the choice to either follow your fascinations and go along for the ride, or you can follow. A heuristic career is one that you build for yourself. You take the reigns, you become the pilot of the plane. Scary? Of course…but not as scary as hoping that things will work out in the end.

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