The Art Of Conversational Promotion: How to get and ace that interview

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Desmond Tutu Sails the World — Then Talks About It
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When you are interviewing for a prospective job, you are selling yourself. You are literally given the chance to make your advertising pitch-it is sink or swim.

Studies show that 93% of the impact you have is non-verbal. It isn’t so much the words you use, but in the non-verbal signals you send. This means that what is important  is how you come across. Talk to fast and you will lose their interest. Talk too slowly and you will send your interviewer to sleep.

When I was at college I had a really terrible lecturer. He was dull, didn’t know his subject well, and was generally uninspiring. But, I’m eternally thankful for some advice he gave me. He said:

Remember the 3 Ps: Pitch, Pause and Pace

Great advice, but not as good as his next gem:

If you can’t do the 3 Ps then do the 6 Ps: Prior preparation prevents piss-poor performance.

This is where reaseach and preparation comes to the fore- and what sets you up for success.

But hit that sweet spot, and, wow…. you’ve aced that interview. Is this going to guarantee you the job, but it will help you present yourself in a way that ensures you get taken seriously.

Here are some things that you can do:

  • Watch Talk Shows
  • Watch The Movie Frost/Nixon
  • Vary your pace and pitch
  • Have more conversations

If you are uncomfortable speaking in a public arena, than you can join an organization like Toastmasters.

You want to be comfortable talking about your topic before you enter the interview.

How do you do this? The same way that you get to Carnegie Hall: Practice, Practice Practice.


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