I have a daily internet radio show in which I interview guests who are not only successful.

Below is a selection of archived interviews:

Building A Career With Animals

Diana L. Guerrero. Diana has been professionally involved with wild and domestic animals since 1978. Her adventurous career has taken her down a variety of paths in the animal realm. She has contributed innovative strategies and insights toward animal training, care, management, and behavioral therapy, and uses these experiences and insights to help clients achieve the most appropriate animal car

Using The Web

Shane Ketterman


Do you have a burning desire to build a career you are passionate about? Join Amy Parmenter is an award-winning journalist, a blogger, an author and a public speaker. But before becoming a member of the media some 15 years ago, Amy and her brother built a multi-million dollar clothing company that sold to virtually every upper end store across the country and was regularly feature in magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Glamour and GQ. Amy established her entrepreneurial roots, though, immediately out of college, when she started one of the first personal training companies in the country, with all the top-tier clients in Philadelphia. Amy currently lives in Connecticut where she works as reporter for the local NBC affiliate and blogs about personal and professional growth. She’s got a highly anticipated ebook coming out September 15th entitiled ‘Know Where to Go’: How to Reinvent Yourself in 6 Steps.

Using Art In Leadership

A really fascinating story of how Mike Davenport rediscovered his love for art, and is building a great business around it.