How To Use The Internet Productively

How one 21 year old followed his passion to build his mini empire.

When most teenagers are spending more and more time playing games online, Glen Allsopp decided to use his time productively.

Earlier his week, I heard an interview with Glen, a 21 year old who runs his own small internet media company. Glenn has been setting up entrepreneurial ventures on the web since he was 15 years old.

Listening to the interview, the one thing that comes up over and again in Glen’s story is how he continually chooses to follow his passion. There have been times when Glen was offered lucrative sums of money to do work that just plainly didn’t interest him. Each time, he said that he put his attention on what he enjoyed doing, and the money followed soon after.

During the interview, Glen said that his attendance in his junior year at college wasn’t good, and he was advised by his parents and teacher to stop tinkering around with his internet businesses. To me, it is interesting that at 21 years old (and he was only 21 earlier this week) Glen is making more money that most teachers in the US.  And at 21, as cliched as it sounds the sky is probably the limit for a young man who is  already in demand as a social media consultant from a number of successful mid-sized businesses.

Is college the place for all young people? I think that Glen’s story gives credence to the case that it may not be the panacea that we’re constantly told it is. Of course it depends ultimately upon what you want to do when you get your degree. If you want a career and it is essential that you have a degree (lawyer, surgeon or teacher) then college is the right place. I just don’t think college is the right place to go if you have a clear idea about a career that doesn’t require a college degree.

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