Michael Parrish DuDell

Michael Parrish DuDell (Senior Editor, New York City) is a writer, public speaker and social entrepreneur. He is the Senior Editor of and the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Michael is also a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, Crazy Sexy Life and VegNews magazine. In early 2009, Michael founded 341 Media—a digital media company dedicated to producing projects that promote the advancement of three causes (human, environmental and animal) for one common goal. He is the President of the New York Sustainable Leadership Council and works with an array of organizations dedicated to creating social change.  Michael is twenty-six years old and lives in New York City.

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Mark Schwimmer

Mark Schwimmer could be found comfortably reading from some of his favorite philosophers, scientists, or practicing colleagues, or just as easily be building rapport with clients who have come to begin the journey to create the life they want to be living. He’s insatiably curious since birth, Mark focused much of his attention on understanding the mystery of the human condition.  Two avenues of experience shaped him over the years; meditation, religion, and science being the sources of information available to him, he read voraciously, absorbing as much as possible, and diligent observance of the world unfolding. He is working with individuals and groups to help them realize what they want for their selves. People often tend to organize themselves on expectations held for them.

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Matt Mansfield

Matt Mansfield is a father of 4. He likes reading so much. His eclectic career experience spans over 20 years of technology support and administration, software design and development, product and project management, marketing and PR and training for both groups and individuals. This man is superbly focused on online software and blogging. With that, people say that he is very passionate in getting things done online. He loves helping individuals and businesses figure out how to use the Web to their advantage. He will be helping you navigate the huge online landscape and hone in on the best solutions for what you need right now. Also, he’ll make way for businesses to be successful by matching their needs with online software, tools and sites that help them save time and money, start new projects and grow their existing business.

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Dr. Randy W. Green

Randy W. Green, PhD, is a New York State Licensed Psychologist and member of several professional organizations: The American Psychological Association, The National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Applied Behavioral Technologies. Over thirty years he has accrued a wide range of experience as a clinician, consultant, educator, columnist, public speaker, hospital administrator, and community leader.

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Mike Davenport

Mike Davenport has been involved in the sport of rowing since 1975. Now he is the head rowing coach at Washington College, in Chestertown, MD. For several years Mike was involved with the U.S. National Team, as their Boatman; and in 1996 he was the Boatman for the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team. Currently, his company, SportWork, is the leading educational consultancy for USRowing and their Coaching Education Program. Mike has written eleven books, seven of which are about rowing. His Web site  and his monthly e-zine MaxRigging strive to supply the latest and greatest information about rowing and the rigging of rowing equipment.

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Diana L. Guerrero

Meet pet expert Diana L. Guerrero. This animal coach’s first word was “fish” and the rest is history. Diana has been 30 years professionally involved with wild and domestic animals since 1978. Her adventurous career has taken her down a variety of paths in the animal realm. She has contributed innovative strategies and insights toward animal training, care, management, and behavioral therapy, and uses these experiences and insights to help clients achieve the most appropriate animal career. Perhaps you’ve seen this animal expert in the media in spots on such shows as The Today Show, or perhaps you’ve heard her on NPR, or quoted in the print media. Guerrero’s pet columns and animal articles are found in widely read publications. Aware of the latest pet trends and animal news, she is the author of several books including Blessing of the Animals: A Guide to Prayers & Ceremonies Celebrating Pets & Other Creatures (2007), What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality: Inspiring Lessons of Wild & Tame Creatures (2003), and the award winning Resources for Crisis Management for Animal Care Facilities (1999)…and more.

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Morrin Bass

Morrin Bass has an unusual background. In early 2000 Morrin founded the New York Awareness Center, assisting people in finding their life path.  She holds a Ph.D. in modern structures and solutions for contemporary city architecture, and a Masters of Business Administration in finance, from the Kennedy Western University. Morrin is a premier and exclusive private mentor to successful and fit women between 29-49 y/o, who at this moment feel particularly stuck in some areas in their life. Morrin’s mentoring clients actively begin to participate in take steps toward their future and through her guidance become able to create the life that they really want in a defined period of time.

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Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker is an Online Marketing Strategist where he is doing various forms of internet marketing since 2005. His final calling came from being fired over a pair of pants. He spends an obscene amount of time online; if when away from the computer you’ll most likely find him singing karaoke or networking at a local Tweet-up. He’s a Community Builder, User Interface Designer, Information Architect, Viral Marketer, P.P.C. Manager, Reputation Manager, Site Auditor, Project Manager, SEO and Link-builder. He had run campaigns in both highly competitive and specialized niche markets, He lead a brainstorming group for copywriters, and he participate in marketing-related webinars. He design adaptable strategies crafted to develop a fully engaged online presence. Through various social platforms, blog reading and commenting, market research and an intense marketing strategy, his goal with all clients is to have their online presence explode onto the social marketing scene, and to keep up momentum as their online communities expand.

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Melissa Dinwiddie

Melissa Dinwiddie is an award-winning artist and calligrapher, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She combines a background as a calligrapher with a deep love for her Jewish heritage to create works of beauty, depth, and technical excellence. Her original artworks and fine art prints have been exhibited internationally, and are in private collections around the world. She is also nationally known as a teacher, and has been invited to teach calligraphy and book arts across the US. Active in the Jewish Reconstructionist Movement, Melissa sees her work as a ketubah- and Judaic artist as the ultimate expression of her relationship with the Divine. Talented on many fronts, prior to becoming a visual artist, Melissa pursued careers in both dance and academia. Nowadays when not making art she can be found engaged in her “after hours” career as a jazz singer. She also forms the vocal half of the guitar/voice duo Mostly Melissa, with songwriter/guitarist Bob Ranche. Melissa is also a practiced yogini, and is trained as a vinyasa yoga teacher.

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Susan Giurleo

Susan Giurleo is a psychologist, business consultant and marketer for health care professionals who want to diversify their income streams and utilize online tools to provide services and market their practices. By day, she works in her private practice, Child Development Partners.  By day (and night) she explore the exciting world of small business development, online health care  and social media marketing.  All of those ideas and experiences come together on BizSavvyTherapist blog. She take the best stuff she know and use and put them together to teach psychotherapists and other health care professionals how to ethically market and diversity income streams while utilizing online tools and social media.

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Shane Ketterman

Shane Ketterman’s professional experience spans time in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman to the current as a Network Engineer. As a Network Engineer, he is responsible for Wide Area Networking, Local Area Networking, Security, Switching, Routing, Voice, Site Design, Overseeing 9 site networks, Innovating network solutions with Cisco WAAS and new techniques in SIP Trunking, Cost Saving, and daily responsibilities including troubleshooting, monitoring, managing and maintaining firm-wide networks, security, remote access, voice over IP, wide area networks, local area switching, improvements, and support. Goals are to learn and understand sustainable networking, innovations for more cost saving approach to same levels of service, marketing, social networking as it pertains to business connections and new developments in cloud computing and Software as a Service, and finish MBA with the intent to pursue his PH.D in business.

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Dawn Svenson

Company President Dawn Svenson Holland has been connected to philanthropic work since the summer she was nine years old when her father put her to work selling tickets to a circus at the Winneshiek County Fair for youth in need. She has been a development volunteer since then and brings professional fund raising experience to Flash Point including a success rate of more than 90% with her grant applications. Dawn is proud to be the daughter, niece and wife of four amazing men who have dedicated decades to the Iowa Fire Service.

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Jt Clough

Jt Clough trains dogs, blog, run, go to the beach, go to the mountains, have finished 9 Ironmans, swim, bike, hang out with my dogs, train people to train dogs, and practice living a life that is not 9 to 5, is balanced, have the most awesome life partner ever, contented and has the freedom to enjoy all that is around him and within him. He has creatively worked for his self through coaching others most of his life.  Dogs are a reflection of who we are inside, emotionally and this insight gives me great benefit in what I write about, practice and teach. My 2 dogs are active.  Most dogs want to be active.  My purpose in writing about dogs and their habits, behavior and training is to help people find an outlet for their dog to be the most loyal, fit, well behaved partner you’ll ever have…. and to find the fun within yourself while doing it.

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Lauren Armstrong

Lauren Armstrong is highly motivated, dependable, energetic, intelligent, efficient, hard-working and fearless public relations professional with proven ability to multi-task, follow instructions, organize priorities, and carry out responsibilities seamlessly. Lauren is also a team player with a thirst for knowledge, effective interpersonal communication skills, excellent writing abilities and high expectations of her. She has experienced working with technology vendors from various industries in the B2B (enterprise) and B2C (consumer) markets. I have played a part in developing and implementing public relations programs for start-ups and larger industry leaders.

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Linda M. Lopeke

Linda M. Lopeke is internationally recognized professional management consultant, business development strategist and virtual business coach and mentor with over 25 years of experience supporting corporate, government, small business and entrepreneurial clients. She had over 1,000 projects and success stories delivered (IT systems, corporate services & programs, merger and acquisition integration planning, strategic planning, social media marketing and ecommerce). Linda managed an outstanding 10-year management career in banking and financial services prior to becoming an independent consultant.

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Sean Cook

Sean Cook attended Clemson University, where he earned his B.A. in Political Science (with a minor in Administration) and his M.Ed. in Counseling and Guidance Services (Student Affairs in Higher Education concentration.) Before founding Cook Coaching & Consulting Ltd., Sean spent 15 1/2 years working in higher education, mostly in residence life. His interest in coaching was a natural outgrowth of his personal experiences as a job seeker and his professional experiences as an adviser to college students and student organizations, and as a supervisor to students and young professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

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Amy Parmenter

Amy Parmenter is an award-winning reporter who has worked in both television and radio news for NBC and CBS.  She has created the ParmFarm as a unique platform where she can continue to ‘cultivate’ her craft – and give something back at the same time – by raising the media bar to include social responsibility.

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Laura Petrolino

Laura’s years of work with organizations with small budgets and limited resources has given her the background to be able to help any small business use proper communications to expand their outreach and success. Flying Pig Communications offers all services on a contract basis, and works individually with each business owner to craft a communications and business development plan that best fits their needs.

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Devon White

Devon White is the lead developer of the Human Operating System, a performance coach to people who kick ass (or want to kick ass), a professional neurohacker, a dedicated father and a loyal friend and teacher.

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