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Dennis has ben a professional coach for 15 years. He is committed to helping young people succeed in their careers and in their lives.

Dennis lives in Framingham, MA with his wonderful wife and five fantastic children.

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The world is changing at a rapid rate. 20 years ago there were less than 50 websites. 10 years ago, Google was a start-up company and 5 years ago there was no Twitter.

Historically, there has always been a “safe” path to building your career, whether it was getting a job on the farm, the factory, or the office. Today, that path is still available and abundant. If you want standardized schooling up until age 22/25, then you can probably still find a job where you are told what to do most of the time. Just don’t expect the side benefits your parents and grandparents had.

There will be very few “jobs for life” and benefits packages will look very different as our economy restructures. In my opinion, there will be few rewards for those seeking security from others.

However, if you are willing to go beyond the culturally-imposed norms, I believe that now is the best time in history to do something meaningful with your career. It does mean going beyond what is expected of you by your teachers, peers and family. But, the rewards are:

1 You will make a difference.

2 You will be the pilot of your own career.

3 You will have the experience of living a full and rich life.

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I’m not saying it is easy, but if you are willing to go down that path, things open up for you.

Take a look at the obituary columns in any newspaper. There are countless “small” obits of people who led average, and very linear lives. They did not make waves, they did what they were told and they came and they went. However, the obits with pictures and a story talk about people who were not afraid of going beyond the norm to make things happen. They did not live linear or average lives. They ruffled feathers, they made things happen. They teach you how to build your career path into management.

Dennis Charles
Build Your Career With Passion

Dennis Charles runs the Fourth Wave Institute in Framingham, MA.